Affordable Leith Dress Alternative


I posted about my fantastic online find, sold by JCPenney, as a very affordable swap for the ever-popular Leith Dress sold by Nordstrom! ¬†Well, I took it upon myself to test out this mega deal (or not ūüėČ ), so I could present my findings to you, my fabulous followers!

When deciding what size to order, I generally check out the reviews online to provide guidance, but there were no such reviews on the JCPenny site at the time.  Bummer right?!?!  But, I did see one gal post a pic on FB in the dress, and she mentioned the size she was wearing and her normal clothing size. So, I threw caution to the wind and ordered all 4 colors both in SMALL and X-SMALL.  Ha!

The package arrived within a few days and after the bag sat for yet another few days…LOL…I finally had a chance to try on the goods.

Worthington by JCPenney


Leith by Nordstrom


First item on the agenda, I wanted to compare the fabric of the Worthington Bodycon dress¬†to the Leith dress sold by Nordstrom. ¬†For testing purposes, I used the black Worthington dress since the Leith dress I own is also black. ¬†To the touch, they felt identical. ¬†They were the same thickness and texture. ¬†I held them both up to the light to see if one was “more see through” than the other and there was no difference! ¬†I was totally shocked!

Next, I checked the labels to determine if the fabric makeup was similar or identical.  The Worthington dress is made from the following: 58% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 4% Spandex.  The Leith dress: 56% Polyester, 44% Cotton.  Same wash instructions for both, gentle cycle.  Ok, so far, both are neck and neck.

The fit test…… (For reference, I wear a size 28/6 regular or tall jean(pant) and small top.)

When I purchased the Leith (sleeveless) dress, I chose a MEDIUM, which fit perfectly and I was very comfortable in it. ¬†It hit just above the knee and I was not constantly pulling it to adjust. ¬†So, I then tried on the SMALL Worthington dress and the fit was super baggy….not what I was expecting, but was hopeful that the X-SMALL might actually work. ¬†And, it did!! ¬†The X-SMALL was the perfect fit…..the fabric laid just like the Leith dress¬†and the fit was EXACTLY the same!! I was so excited (and amazed) that my Discount Deal stacked up to the quality of the more Expensive Version….Whoo Hoo!!

I did find the sizing difference to be quite odd….I wear a MEDIUM in one brand and X-SMALL in another?!?! ¬†So, bottom line, Leith sizing runs a bit small and Worthington sizing runs big.

Overall, I am blown away by the quality and design of the lower cost alternative to the Leith dress.  So, YES, I am recommending the Worthington dress by JCPenny as an excellent swap for the more costly version.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

All the best,