Blanket Scarf Hack—Cut it in Half

I know you all have seen the huge Blanket Scarf trend!  I am a big fan myself….all warm and cozy, but still fashionable?!?!  Sign me up!  But, when I style the scarf around my neck, I often times feel like I am being swallowed….there is SO much fabric!


Today, I wanted to share a my little fashion tip, allowing you to ‘Have your cake and eat it too.’.  It could not be easier and best yet, you’ll be able to pass along a quick gift to others, without spending a dime!  Keep reading to find out more ;).

Here are the items you will need to begin:

Follow the 4 easy steps below:

  1. Begin by placing the scarf down on a hard, flat surface.  (In my case, the kitchen floor was the best option for me.)  If you are fumbling with the fabric on an uneven area, or it cannot be laid out completely flat, there’s a good chance your cuts will not be clean and even.
  2. Tape down two opposite corners of the scarf to the hard surface.  This will hold the fabric in place, so it will not shift all over.  The last thing you want is a crooked cut and uneven sides.
  3. Start cutting with your Fabric Scissors at one corner of the scarf, and continue in a diagonal line to the opposite corner, creating two triangles.  Regular heavy duty scissors can work, but will be more challenging to get a clean cut and may not look as tidy.  Fabric Scissors are meant to cut through fabric and will do a superior job, resulting in a more professional look.
  4. Remove the tape from the two corners attached to the floor and your work is done!

The end result is two fabulous blanket scarves!  With half the bulk, it is so much more comfortable to wear.  And BONUS, now you can share with friends!   The extras are perfect to have on hand for a quick gift in a pinch or bring to a clothing swap party…YAY!!

Scarf / Dress / Vest / Boots

All the best,