Break the Bank on a Haircut?

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 Today’s topic: Do you really need to Break the Bank on a Haircut?

When I wear my hair long and wavy, I receive a lot of compliments and I wanted share a tip with you. Getting hair like this is easy, efficient, and it does not require taking a second mortgage out on your home in order to afford!

Funny Story.  One day, I was just chatting with one of my girlfriends, and she said how much she liked my haircut and style and asked who was my stylist? To be totally honest, I was a little shy to say, but I told her I had just returned from a recent trim at Great Clips, using one of their $5.99 coupons! OMG!!! I was a bit nervous to share this little secret with her, but I thought, hey if I can receive kudos on my haircut, others can too by sharing this nugget of info!  

My hair is overall pretty straight, a slight bit of wave.  So getting my hair trimmed or styled is not a really  big deal, free from the complications of cutting naturally curly hair.  I have layers throughout and it’s angled a little bit in the front. With that in mind, I know I can get my hair cut at an affordable price from time to time.

Important things to know if you choose to use a discount haircut location:

1. Be sure the place is clean, neat and tidy. Always number one!

2. Work with an experienced stylist. They have a lot of hair cutting hours under their belt and know what they are doing. There are some really new, fresh out of school stylists and sometimes they can be hit or miss.

3. When you find someone you like, stick with them!

Once I’m home I can quickly style my hair with very little effort and very little time!

I make sure my hair is nice and dry. I add some product to make sure that my hair will hold the curl and then seriously, I only use five hot rollers. I section off my hair in five different places. Roll each section of hair and let it sit for 15 minutes or so while I’m putting on my make up and getting myself ready. I then take it down, finger through my hair,  fluff, spray and out the door! This literally could not be more simple.

Here is a link for the Hot Rollers that are nearly identical to what I use.  They are easy to pack for travel and heat up on 60 seconds for guaranteed beautiful curls!

I hope this video tutorial helped you find a way to stretch your budget and provided a quick idea for styling your hair, guaranteed to bring compliments galore! 

Please continue to check out my blog for additional videos on styling tips and fashion advice! Peace out!