Holiday Party Fashion Emergency?

Hi All!  Welcome to another episode of StephStyle101!  Today’s topic, Holiday Party Fashion Emergency.

Is this you?  “I am going to a Holiday Party and I literally have nothing to wear!! And my budget is nearly non-existent with all the gifts purchased for friends and family!!! HELP!!”

If so, I am here to help you solve this problem without forcing you into a second mortgage and most of the recommendations are items you already own.  Yeah for saving some cash! I will be bringing you some ideas that will allow you to look and feel like a million bucks, without spending loads of your hard earned moolah.

First, when you are dressing for a special event or a holiday party, where the attire is a bit on the fancy side, defaulting to a monochromatic “all black” look totally fits the ticket. This is when you pull out that Simple Black Dress (a MUST HAVE in every woman’s wardrobe), then start with that as your base.  Another option is to snag a Black Skirt and Top (top tucked in) from your closet. Both looks will totally work!

img_0298                      img_0300                               img_0299

Then add a fanciful Fashion Bling Necklace with simple earrings. Shoot for a necklace with a pop of color.  If this was an everyday wear jewelry item, I would typically recommend a semi-precious or precious metal necklace to prevent skin irritation with more frequent use.img_0301

On to tights!  I LOVE all the wonderful print styles available for leg wear now. Awesome Fun!  Go for something that has a subtle print, eye catching but not distracting. And TONS of patterns are readily available at nearly every clothing retailer, in stores and online.  These HUE tights I really like, as they have the right mix of print and coverage!


Finally, finish off your look with a pair of Black Heels, (Pumps or Wedges) that are shoved to the back of your closet. Right?!?! They need to come out and party!! The black footwear will complete your look, and the end result will be classy and chic.  And you will feel so wonderful about your threads, that your confidence will soar.  Yeah!!!

img_0296                                                         img_0297


Remember, the suggestions I have provided are here for inspiration. Be sure to check your closet for the clothing items mentioned before rushing out to the store to purchase.  Chances are really good, that you already have nearly everything I talked about.  Sometimes we just need a friend to remind us to dig through our closets, and find those hidden gems!

All the Best!