These Jeans Rock!

Hi All,

Welcome to StephStyle101!  I wanted to share a wonderful nugget of info with you regarding some fantastic jeans I have recently discovered.  This new knowledge has Rocked My World, totally not kidding!

Ok, here’s the deal.  I shop Old Navy from time to time and find a cute item here and there.  I like the selection that Old Navy offers and the prices are reasonable. I generally skip on purchasing jeans for myself at Old Navy, because historically, the jeans have never fit me just right. So I tend to snag high end denim on big sale because the fit and durability are better for my body type.

BUT, Old Navy now offers this new line of denim called Built-In Sculpt Rockstar!! Oh My Goodness!!! They are truly amazing!!  Can you tell I like them?!?!?

Here’s how it all started.  I popped into Old Navy one day while shopping with my cousin.  I noticed this new style being promoted and thought I should try them on.  From the moment I had them on, I was SOLD!! The jeans claimed to Sculpt your lower half in all the places that matter, and let me tell you, they did. I was blown away!

I left the store without making the purchase because the Built-In Sculpt Rockstar jeans were not on sale but I knew they would be soon enough.  By the time I got home, I had received an email from Old Navy offering 30% off my entire order, so I immediately purchased the style and color I tried on in store (plus 2 more!!).

When my new denim arrived, they were completely amazing!  All fit true to size.  And they  maintained their shape, without sagging, something I love in a great pair of jeans!  Even my husband noticed how nicely my new jeans fit me, always a bonus!

If you have not tried this new line at Old Navy, make sure you do! You will not regret it, no jokes.  Your whole lower half will feel more lifted and pulled in, without feeling like you can’t breathe because your pants are too tight!

Also I should mention, the price on the Built-In Sculpt Rockstar jeans is a max of $56.99.  But Old Navy has constant sales, so there is no need to pay full price. Each pair I purchased was an average of $21, by the time the sale price and extra % off were calculated.  Overall, they were an amazing value and fantastic fit!

Hope this helps you in your future shopping adventures!

Rock it Out,