My Top Beauty Products at Trader Joe’s

One of my top places to snag a few lovely beauty products for rock-bottom prices is none other than Trader Joe’s!!  I am fortunate enough to live a few miles from the one in our city, and really only recently (within the past year) began shopping there regularly.  Of course, I LOVE so many food products that Trader Joe’s offers, but also discovered some of the most AMAZING beauty and personal care items, so I felt I should share my Favorite Finds with you!

  1. Rose Water Facial Toner.  This toner has been a total game changer for me!  After I wash my face, I spritz this a few times over my face and it feels amazing…my skin is glowing!  It truly makes my skin feel fresher, tighter, more toned.  And, I notice a difference when I don’t use this Rose Water Toner, my skin tends to have a few more breakouts.  But the price is the most magical part….it’s only $3.99 at my local Trader Joe’s!!  You better believe I buy multiples at a time 😉
  2. Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover Towelettes are THE BOMB!!  They are so incredibly gentle on the skin, even using them to remove my eye makeup.  I have these on hand when I want to be lazy, and not wash my face at night (which is most nights…LOL).  They contain no alcohol, so there is no drying out of the skin.  I have paid some serious cash for higher end facial cleansing wipes, and I would, without a doubt, stack these right up to them in quality and performance!  Did I mention they are $3.99 for 20ct.?!?!  
  3. All for One-One for All Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash.  This product pretty much amazes me!!  I have been trying to find a great kid & family friendly shampoo option that is still affordable, for a long time.  Our kids are getting a little older, so I am able to migrate away from all the “kiddy” body washes/shampoos that you see in every retail location.  And I REALLY wanted to find a solution that was not full of crazy chemicals, that would not leave me feeling guilty that my kids just slathered their bodies in from head to toe in a chemical-laden concoction.  Then I found this All for One-One for All Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash, and it has been perfect!!  Plus, for $7.99, the budget is still in check 🙂
  4. Trader Joe’s Shea Butter Coconut Oil Hair Mask was a fun little find one day!  I snagged this Hair Mask one cold winter day, tried it out and LOVED it!!  I was a major fan of the scent & texture.  And my hair, after using, was incredibly sleek (and my hair which tends to be a bit frizzy by nature).  Plus, it lasts a long time, when only using once a week or so!  Certainly a deal at only $3.99 for 5.10z.
  5. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo & Conditioner has totally ROCKED my WORLD!  I found these one day just browsing through the aisle and noticed they were nearly identical to a similar brand of shampoo and conditioner I had been using.  In store, they were only $3.99 per bottle, compared to an organic competitor brand I was using, paying $8.99 each.  So I took a chance on the Trader Joe’s version and was totally blown away!!  The tea tree & peppermint tingle was magical and my hair was left feeling so clean plus refreshed.  I will be keeping this as a main staple in my self-care routine!  This product is sold on Amazon, but for triple the price, so definitely try to snag in store.  
  6. Trader Joe’s SPA Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil is a total gem!  I began using this several months back and I have become a convert.  WOW!  It makes my skin feel like I just received a spa treatment, no kidding!  And often times I will use the Face Wash with my Clarisonic Cleansing Brush, giving me a deep clean that is incomparable.  It has certainly helped my skin with breakouts also.  But the price is the most insane part….only $5.49 at my local Trader Joe’s!!  This face wash is sold at other retailers, including Amazon, but for a much higher price tag.
  7. Trader Joe’s Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm has been a fan favorite in our house!  Literally, the whole family uses this stuff 😉  And it truly is for head to toe….we use it as lip balm, for dry hands (especially in the winter months), fly away hairs & to moisturize heels.  I may have to start hiding my stash at home….the kids love this stuff and momma nearly gets and empty container! 
  8. Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream was a last minute register purchase one day!  I was ringing out and noticed a lovely scent close to the cashier.  She was super excited to tell me what she had just applied and it was indeed the Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream.  She gave a 10 second pitch on why she loved it so I popped it in my cart for purchase and headed home.  I am always looking for a hand cream that lasts for more than a hand wash or two (I feel like I wash my hands 1000xs per day!).  At first application, I was hooked!  Totally not greasy, wonderful clean scent and staying power was spot on!  And it took my kids like 30 seconds to discover the new acquisition, and they loved it immediately too. Definitely pickup in store for cost savings ($5.99 at my local TJ) but can get from Amazon for a slightly higher price. 

Overall, I am a huge fan of the Sundry products Trader Joe’s offers and will continue to patron their stores, always looking for a great fun find that is budget friendly!

All the best,