Styling Services


Are you ready to DETOX your closet?  We will work together to purge, organize and get your closet set for success!  Each item in your closet will be reviewed and question why certain articles are in your closet.  We will ask, “When did you last wear this?, Does this make you feel confident?, Does this still fit?,  Are you saving this for when you lose weight?  What was the purpose for purchasing this item?”.  I will provide suggestions for organization of wardrobe, creating a less stressful dressing experience.  Once your closet is cleansed and organized,  I will show how some of your “keep items” can be restyled in new ways, making it seem as if you have new wardrobe additions (without spending a dime on new clothes)!  The end result will reflect a clutter free closet, only containing articles you LOVE! Many of my clients say they feel like a weight has been removed from their shoulders and have regained control of their closet again, making getting ready a more relaxing experience. A Closet Cleanse is a cost-effective way to reinvent your existing wardrobe. 

4-hour Closet Cleanse session includes:

  • Brief Evaluation to determine needs and goals
  • Closet Organization by category and color
  • Outfit styling from your existing wardrobe
  • Provide list of suggested closet organization tools
  • Shopping list of the must-have pieces that are missing from your closet

Rate: $125

**Each additional hour @ $50/hr**

(Styling services only offered in the region Cincinnati, OH.)