Great Nails? Yes Please!


Hi My Friends!

So if you are anything like me, you want your nails to look pretty and polished as often as possible, right? But you paint your nails with typical nail polish, and literally within minutes, you have smudged or chipped your nails. Totally frustrating and seems like you just wasted your time!  And most of the time our schedules are too busy to make an appointment at a nail salon or possibly not in the budget. Can I get an Amen???

Well one day I was gifted a lovely gel nail kit. But I let it sit FOREVER, untouched.  I am certain, deep down, I was too intimated by the steps involved to paint my own nails with gel nail polish. It was going to be a royal pain in the rear, I just knew it!!

Finally, after persuasion from my daughter, I busted out the gel nail polish kit.   I followed each step outlined in the handy instruction guide, and it was crazy easy!! Holy Cow! From start to finish, it took me all of 30 minutes. I was overjoyed!  My nails looked beautiful and better yet, they were smudge proof. This was unlike my typical nail painting experience where I would wait to touch anything for what seemed like an eternity, to avoid catastrophe from meeting my freshly painted fingers! The lovely results lasted two weeks, which was awesome.  Made my life easier, for sure!

The only downside I have experienced with this process, is the polish removal.  It certainly takes time to remove the gel polish, so you will have to plan accordingly.  The nails are required to soak, per the instructions indicated, in order to avoid nail damage. But that can be done while chilling, watching your favorite TV show, right?

The kit that I own is by Mally and is the 24/7 Professional Gel Nail Polish System, but it is only available for purchase from eBay at this time.  But included below are links to equally as great kits sold through Amazon.  Feel free to check each item out and see what you think.


The Mally  Kit is back in stock!! Check out the link below for the details.  While Supplies Last!

Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel Nail Polish Color Kit Starter Set

Gelish Harmony Complete Starter LED Gel Nail Polish Kit

Azure Beauty Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light

If you have been considering testing out the waters of Gel Nail Polishing, I want to encourage you to take the PLUNGE!!  You will be sure to save time and money while enjoying gorgeous nails!!

Have a super day,