Cute Summer Handbag Picks

Need a cute summer handbag? Me too!! 🙌🙌🙌 I did a little digging to find some affordable and fashion-forward options. Here are my picks and why! (affiliate links)

1. The Circle Cross Body Bag is spot on for summer. This style offers the versatility of hands-free and the shape is so different, keeping the look fresh. GAP has a an amazing cross body available. Wonderful neutral colors and the price, total perfection! 

2. Trying out a Straw Tote Bag’ this season is a Must Do! The very natural, earthy-feel is alway in, but it’s totally HOT & on trend right now! Here’s an adorable option to try. 

3. Every girl needs a bright and Colorful Clutch, right? I am a huge fan of a hand-held bag….it’s so SUPER classy. And to keep folks guessing with a wild print is a fashion ‘DO’!

4. Bamboo Bags have stolen my heart!! They are just adorable. I was a bit hesitant at first to try this out, but now, I have been won over. I just love the unique look and structure this bag brings. 

5. The Belted Bag (the renamed “Fannie Pack”), trend is in full swing right now! When I saw these styles making their way back onto the fashion scene, all I could do was cringe. But, I have been pleasantly surprised by the reinvented waist pouch and I am now a fan! Check this one out, 70% off!!

I would LOVE to hear what you think about these choices and certainly what picks are your favorite this season!


All the best,