Target Swimsuit Try-On Spring 2019

Ok ladies!  I wanted to get a quick post out on my recent Target Swimsuit Try-On session, with the Spring 2019 line.  I know shopping for swimwear is never fun for anyone, so I wanted to share my experience and feedback on the 5 suits I tried out.  I hope is that you can use my research to help guide your swimsuit choices this season!


Here’s just some info for reference, which may help assist with any questions you may have.  I am a curvy size 6 in pants (in most brands) and size small top.  I have longer legs and shorter torso, and carry more weight in my backside and thighs, as compared to my upper body/chest.



The first suit I snagged was this beautiful Steel Purple One-Piece, by Shade & Shore.  It features a lovely plunge neckline with a lace-up front design.  I was immediately drawn to the color….it’s so gorgeous!  And the plunging neck is not too revealing with the laces that run up the front.  I did appreciate that you can cinch it in, as much as you preferred.  The suit provided fantastic coverage on the backside (and I have curves to cover 😉 ), so I can see how comfortable I would be at the pool, not constantly pulling and tugging to make sure all my parts were amply covered!

PROS: I really loved the fabric quality of this suit, definitely felt substantial!  And the fit seemed true to size.  I am wearing a Medium, and it feels very comfortable, without being overly tight.  Plus, the price is right, just under $40.

CONS: Truth be told, I was not sure what to do with the laces….tie in a bow, a knot, hang untied, tie at the neck?!?!  I elected to just do a loose knot and allow to drape.  I do love the look of the hanging laces, but when swimming, not really sure if they will be practical??  Overall, I would not consider it a deal breaker.

Purple Suit



I am a HUGE fan of the color Red, so when I saw this beauty, I knew I needed to see how I liked it on my body, cause I LOVED it on the hanger!  This Red One-Piece is also by Shade & Shore, a new brand that Target is carrying.  It’s edgy, feminine but still conservative.  I am a fan of the adjustable straps, to avoid slippage.  I have narrow shoulders, so I have a harder time with shoulder straps falling down on swimwear, but this suit did not seem to have that problem.  I appreciated the full coverage front, and made the side cut-outs all that more fun….giving off the vibe of a faux two piece…SO CUTE!!

PROS: The fabric quality, once again, was excellent!  I did not feel like it would be falling apart mid-season.  And the fit was also true to size.  I am wearing a Medium, and it was definitely the right fit.  I loved the price on this suit, at just under $35, making it very affordable.

CONS: The booty coverage was not quite as much as I prefer.  It certainly was cut with less fabric to cover the backside….I sorta felt like I was a lifeguard on Baywatch…LOL!!  Still, I wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable, just not the coverage I am used to, I suppose.


Red Suit



Next suit on the chopping block was the Shirred Macrame Strap Once Piece Suit, by Kona Sol.  I was instantly attracted to this suit…loved the stripes and the macrame straps…great details!  The overall look was also very conservative, so I knew I would be comfortable wearing this suit to the waterpark, swimming at the lake, or for the neighborhood pool.  Full coverage front and back is always a win in my book!!

PROS: The suit definitely was very flattering and I felt good wearing it.  The only size in stock was a Small, so that’s what I am wearing.  The fit is great on top, but a tad more snug on the bottom than I generally wear.  I think a Medium would have been better, but not a big deal.  The price was on point, just under $35, so that was quite desirable!

CONS: I felt like the shirred/ruched fabric looked a little weird in the stripe print.  I almost felt like it looked like I had extra belly rolls where the stripes in the fabric were just folded…not a fan of the illusion. If it was offered in a solid, I am thinking I would like that much better!  And, for my taste, this suit was just a bit too ‘normal’, lacking that extra something to make it stand out.


Striped Suit



I generally am not a floral swimsuit gal, so I took a chance on this Lace Up One Piece by Kona Sol.  I initially loved the print and the fun lace up details…cuteness overload!  And, it was easy to get on, requiring no acrobatics on my behalf…HA!  It also was great coverage, front & back, when needing to don a more modest suit.

PROS:  The color and floral pattern were very attractive…florals are super HOT for summer!  I liked the slight plunging neckline, still conservative with a little sass.  I chose a size Small based on how it looked on the hanger…it appeared as if it may run a little bigger.  The Small was the right size selection to fit properly for me and the price point was just under $40, very reasonable.

CONS: I did not love how it looked on me.  The band of fabric at the waist seemed to cut me in half…and I already have a short torso.  So there’s that!


Red Floral Suit



Last but not least, I snagged the Crochet Trim Plunge One Piece by Kona Sol.  I absolutely LOVED this suit!!!  Before I even put it on, I knew it was gonna be a winner!  Let’s just start with the stunning crochet trim….I can’t even tell you how attractive it looks in person…just so pretty!  The backside coverage was perfect for my bum, but has a low-cut tie back, which just adds great detail to this suit.

PROS:  The fit is amazing and the plunging neckline is perfect!  Each design item was very well thought out and executed with this swimsuit.  I love that I can wear it and feel covered up and it still offers a hint of sultry.  I am wearing a Medium and it was a good fit, but would like to try the Small just to compare, since this brand seems to run  a tad big.  At under $40, with the quality on the excellent end, I would consider this a great value!

CONS:  The only concern I have with this suit, it may be a bit too revealing for some folks taste.  Otherwise, it’s a no-brainer purchase!


Crochet Suit



In summary, I was quite pleased with all FIVE swimsuit options I tried.  Each offered something different, whether it was color, print, cut or embellishments.  The price, for the suits, was spot on, not requiring you to put a second mortgage on your home in order to afford.  But the quality did not seem to suffer, making them all a fantastic value in my book!


I hope you found this helpful and provides a little assistance when working through the swimwear isles at your local Target stores!


Happy Shopping,