Tween Shopping Tips

Tween Shopping Tips—

Do you struggle to find cute, affordable and tween appropriate clothing for your girl?  I feel like the stage we are in with our daughter is super tricky….she LOVES picking out her own fashions and is a big fan of the high-priced brands.  BUT, I am not a fan of the financial ramifications that come along with the bigger brands my girl has the tendency to adore.

So, I will share with you my cost saving tips for Tween Shopping that have kept us all quite pleased!

  1. Pop into your local consignment stores every few weeks or so.  I have found some of the most wonderful pieces for my mini-me while scanning the racks at “The Snooty Fox”.  My consignment store of choice is very picky to accept only excellent condition items and higher quality name brands, where I am the lucky Momma, scoring beautiful pieces at a fraction of the retail price!!
  2. Take a Trip to Thrift.  No JOKES!  I am teaching my offspring how one can stretch a dollar, and that everything we purchase does not have to be brand new to still be a great find!  My girl is learning how to quickly scan interesting items and then inspect for any imperfections before settling on the purchase. And we have stumbled upon some AMAZING articles, in brand new to nearly new condition…Score Baby!
  3. Always check the clearance section……like ALWAYS!!  Any time we pop into a store at the mall (or dare I say Target?!?!), browsing through the clearance section is #1.  I feel like I am “failing” if I settle on a clothing/accessory purchase without it being on some sort of sale…LOL!!
  4. Check a few stores that may not be on your radar.  There are a few retail shops that carry girls/tweens fashions but you may not even realize!  Athleta carries the line, Athleta Girl, where there are continuous sales and Nordstrom carries Z by Zella for your girl (great options at very reasonable prices!).  Be sure to consider Forever 21 and H&M.  Both retailers carry appropriate and affordable fashions for young girls and budding tweens.

So next time you are tasked with “Tween Shopping”, try one (or more) of these tips to keep your kiddo happy and the family back account in the positive. 🙂