Business Casual 101

OK folks welcome once again to StephStyle101! Today’s topic, Business Casual 101.

So I know that “business casual” can be a rather confusing term at times. I have provided clarification for what business casual would look like for a typical office setting. Notice, there are no jeans in the links below, because jeans are considered “office casual”

In this episode I’m will be going through some really awesome alternatives for business casual that will get you out of that style rut, help change up your look, and make it exciting to get ready for work each day. These items can all be mixed into your current wardrobe, to keep your closet fresh and fun!

Here are my top picks to get you on your way to feeling fabulous at the office!!

Skinny Pant– variety of colors. The Skinny Pant is a great alternative to jeans.  When you have a rainbow of colors to choose from, you get the idea of a skinny jean, but you are bumping up the dress code a notch.  Plus when pairing the Skinny Pant with the right top, you can dress the part and feel amazing!


Denim Jacket  -The Denim Jacket is a great alternative for a typical blazer for the office setting.  It can make you look more casual but keeps you pulled together.  And the best part, Denim Jackets are a year round staple!


Oversized Cardigan -An Oversized Cardigan is such a functional piece to have on hand.  It can be worn in a variety of ways.  I love the look when it is belted!  And this item can be worn with Skinny Pants or Pencil Skirt in the office and jeans when you are off duty!


Scarf  -A simple Infinity Scarf will be a marvelous add-on piece with so many of your daily wardrobe choices!  Added bonus that it will keep you warm and snuggly on those chilly fall and winter days.


Pencil Skirt  -Having a Pencil Skirt in your wardrobe is key to “business casual” success.  You will be able to dress it up and down, so it will be quite useful inside and outside the office setting.  This is a must have staple in your wardrobe!


Tailored Jacket -The perfect Tailored Jacket will carry you through many seasons and is a timeless addition for your wardrobe. Essential for “business casual” but is fabulous for daily wear.  There will be no style regrets for this item acquisition!


Bold Blouse -It is wise to have a romantic fabric blouse in a bold print. This wardrobe choice will be a great layering piece without being boring.  Choosing a bold print keeps your look fun and fresh.  When preparing for the office, be sure to wear with a simple bottom, free from patterns, to ensure you maintain a professional look.


I wanted to provide a few ideas for pairing the above listed items. There are many more outfit combinations than what I have outlined below, but the suggestions I have made should get your creative juices flowing!

Outfit 1:

(ankle booties would look perfect with the above suggested outfit combo)

Outfit 2:

  • Bold Blouse
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Denim Jacket

(tall riding boots or wedge booties would work well with the above combo)

Outfit 3:

  • Tailored Jacket
  • Bold Blouse
  • Skinny Pants

(wedge booties or classic pump for a dressier look would be fabulous with the above combo)

Please be sure to click thru Fabulous Fall Shoe Finds, to provide additional ideas for completing your new Business Casual 101 looks.

I really want to make sure that every day you try something different. Totally experiment with some new outfit ideas. You will completely surprise yourself , and see that mixing things up in your wardrobe is a total blast!! I want you to get out of that “work uniform” you have been wearing and Step out in Style!! 

And if you feel awesome about how you look, chances are quite good that you’re going to perform better at your job.  No Jokes!!

Rock it out today!