Couples Halloween Costumes

Well Folks,

Fall is upon us, so it’s time to start bringing out the Halloween decor and costume ideas!  I don’t know about you, but the Halloween costume magazines start arriving to my house, like in JUNE, so my kids had their Fun Frocks picked out months in advance of Trick or Treat! As for the adults in our house, not so much. LOL.

But, my husband and I do enjoy attending the Halloween Costume Party festivities from time to time.  And when we participate in dress-up Halloween parties, we tend to create a couples costume, which is a BLAST!! Literally, so much fun!!

Well, October 31st is just around the corner, so I wanted to take some time to show you some fun Couples Halloween Costume ideas that may inspire you to dress up for the season by either hosting a fine affair with your friends or saying YES to that costume party invite you just received in the mail!  And don’t worry, I will be sure to include a few of my favorite couples costumes that my husband and I donned in years past.

Low Cost-Still Fun: Items you most likely have in your closet but may require a small purchase or two for look completion. 

Vincent Vega and Mia WallacePulp Fiction







Items Required:

  • Vincent Vega-Black Pants, Black Suit Jacket, White Button Down shirt, Black Skinny Tie or Bolo Tie
  • Mia Wallace-Black Crop Pants, Black Tank Top, Oversized White Button Down Shirt, Black Wig

Brad and Andy-Goonies


Items Required:

  • Brad-Red Bandana, Grey Muscle Sweatshirt, Grey Sweatpants, Navy Blue Shorts
  • Andy-Yellow Cardigan, Pale Yellow Polo, White Tennis Skirt, White Socks, White Sneakers

American Gothic









Items Required:

  • Wife-Long Black Dress with White Collar (or Black Blouse with White Collar and Long Black Skirt), Circle Pendant (or Cameo), Dark Full Coverage Apron
  • Farmer-Black Suit Jacket, Blue Jean Overalls, White Banded Collar Shirt (or White Undershirt would work), Pitchfork

Not Free but Doable: You can pull off the look with a low cost investment, but will be worth it in the end. Think “Thriftstore finds” to go along with what you have at home.

Ron Burgundy and Veronica CorningstoneAnchorman

Items Required:

  • Ron Burgundy-Maroon (Dark Brown or Deep Red) 70’s Style Polyester Suit, White Dress Shirt, Loud Striped Tie. You will want to style hair fluffed and wear a mustache to pull off this look!
  • Veronica Corningstone-Ladies 70’s Style Skirt Suit in a Pink Tweed or something similar, Wide-Collar Dress Blouse, Beige Nylons, Blond Wig (if needed)

This costume combo is sure to leave a lasting impression at Halloween Parties!  Rock out the Polyester Baby!!


Bert and Mary Poppins-Mary Poppins.









Items Required:

  • Mary Poppins-Long Dark Dress Coat, Long Dark Skirt, White Banded Collar Blouse, Red Bow Tie, Short Black Top Hat (with flowers added), Red Scarf (chunky cable is is best), White Gloves, Tapestry Bag, Dark Nylons, Dark Pumps, Black Umbrella
  • Bert-Black Jacket, Black Pants, Black Boots (or black dress shoes), Tweed Newsboy Cap, Dark Button Down Shirt, Red Scarf, Broom

As an added bonus, this duo may just break out in song, so be sure to brush up your lyrics for “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!


Budget Buster: You will have to drop some cash but the costume will be Runway Worthy!

Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa StarkGame of Thrones









Items Required:

Come dressed ready to Rule the Land! This couple will be sure to steal the stage!

Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’HaraGone With the Wind.    


Items Required:

Floating around as this romantic classic couple will have party attenders swooning as you walk in the room!

As promised, here are a few fun looks that my husband and I pulled off over the years! These costumes were fun and each combination fell into a different cost category.

Shaggy and Velma (Low Cost-Still Fun): When you are unrecognizable to your kids, you know you did a great job pulling off the look!  That is exactly what happened with Shaggy and Velma. Even better, this costume selection won for “Best Couples Costume” at the party we attended!  Sweet!!









Items Required:

  • Velma-Orange Turtleneck Sweater (Consignment Store), Red Skirt (personal wardrobe), Orange Knee Socks (Amazon), Red Shoes (personal wardrobe), Glasses without lenses (Dollar Tree)
  • ShaggyGreen Baggy Shirt (Amazon), Tan Corduroy Pants, Brown Shoes (personal wardrobe), Scruffy Face (took a few days)


Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Not Free but Doable): Fighting crime while attending a party is hard.  Thankfully, Clark Kent did not have to save the world that night!

Items Required:

  • Clark KentSuper Man T-Shirt (Amazon), White Dress Shirt, Dress Suit, Tie, Dress Shoes (personal wardrobe), Briefcase (Thriftstore), Glasses without lenses (Dollar Tree)
  • Lois Lane-Black Suit Jacket, Button Down Dress Shirt, Black Skirt, Black Pattern Tights, Black Pumps, Crossbody Messenger Bag, Reporter Notebook with Pen (all from personal wardrobe), Press Badge (recycled work badge), Glasses without lenses (Dollar Tree)

Evil Nurse and Sick Patient (Budget Buster): By far, the creepiest look we have pulled off as a couple!  We had so much fun posing in “evil and ill ” ways.


Items Required:

  • Evil Nurse: Nurse Costume (Amazon-ordered this larger for a longer length), Hospital Quality Stethoscope (personal collection), Red Belt, Black Tights, Black Booties (personal wardrobe), Fake Lashes (Target)
  • Sick Patient: Straight Jacket (Amazon), Lobotomy Tattoo, Black Pants, Black Shoes (personal wardrobe)

I do hope this post provided some fun and inspiring Couples Halloween Costume ideas for you!  Now when that invite shows up to attend a festive Halloween bash, you have no excuse but to accept, as you have great costume options that are quickly assembled or snagged from the store. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


All the best,