Consignment Store Fashion Tips

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Do you ever wonder how “that person” ALWAYS scores the best deals?!?! And how “that person” ALWAYS has on the most unique and stylish clothes?!?!  Well, I am here to help you become “that person” too! I will be sharing my Consignment Store Fashion Tips with you, which will provide you the tools necessary to become a Consignment Store shopping pro yourself!

Check out the Tips!!

  1. First and foremost, the number one thing to remember is to always have your eyes wide open, no blinders! What I mean is, keep an open mind when you are browsing and think outside the box.  Sometimes we can be so focused on “that one item” we are looking for, that we completely overlook, say, a gorgeous sweater that would be just the right fit for our wardrobe.
  2. Look for interesting fabrics, textures and prints. These can be in the form of a dress, scarf, blouse, or skirt.  Some of the most beautiful clothing articles I have acquired from consignment locations are very textured or maintain a print that is quite eye catching.
  3. Check the blazers, jackets, and sweaters for a fun wardrobe addition and classic staples.  Think about finding that asymmetrical blazer, moto jacket, cape or belted sweater.  When you find the perfect jacket or sweater, you will be constantly drawn to wearing it in a variety of ways.
  4. The high end handbags are a MUST to peruse.  High end items accepted for consignment (especially high end handbags) are throughly inspected to ensure they are presentable for sale on the floor. This is a standard practice! So you can shop with confidence that you are getting high quality products.  The best part is, the great “sale” price being passed along to you!
  5. Jewelry, accessories and timepieces are just icing on the cake.  Take a peek at the jewelry counter for that “pop of color” necklace or the fun “statement” watch.  You are able to look at each item in person, hold it and try it on for fit.
  6. Dive into the Denim! I love pre-owned denim jeans!  When purchasing brand new jeans, you know how it goes….they fit perfectly that first time, then they stretch out or hang funny…..then those “perfect” jeans are not so perfect anymore!  When you snag a pair of jeans that a previous owner wore, they have already been “broken in” , so you will know how they always fit you….big bonus there!
  7. Always check the brands.  Look for quality brand names that will hold up and wear nicely.  One of the best things about pre-owned items, is that you can already see how they look after a few washes. If the article of clothing is faded or you do not 100% love it, pass, because it will not last anytime whatsoever in your closet!

I can certainly say I am blessed, and quite fortunate (which I try not to take for granted), to live in an area of the country (Cincinnati, OH) that is a Hot Spot for high end Consignment Store fashions. There are several consignment store businesses in the city, but my very favorite is Snooty Fox!  This company has been around since 1980, and is a highly successful operation. They accept higher end to VERY high end fashions for consignment. I am an active consignor, as well as an active shopper at a variety of the Snooty Fox locations.  And they just recently launched a site on eBay!  Whoo Hoo!!

Here are a few of my favorite Snoot Fox consignment store finds, from over the years.

Cape Coat by SUNNER Original at Barney’s New York ($398). Paid $55

Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch Original at Macy’s ($250). Paid $45

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Handbag Original at Nordstrom ($250). Paid $35

DKNY Leather Moto Jacket (New from $250-$395). Paid $60

Jack by BB Dakota Belted Jacket (New from $75-$105). Paid $30


Consignment Store Fashion Tips

  1. Eyes Wide Open
  2. Fabrics, Textures, Prints
  3. Classic Staples
  4. High End Handbag
  5. Jewelry, Accessories, Timepieces
  6. Dive into the Denim
  7. Check the Brands

I have been using all these shopping tips for a very long time and have mastered the art of consignment store shopping, in order to find those “hidden gems”.  If these are new techniques to you, practice them. It will take time, but you will get there!  If you have a friend who is great at always finding that fantastic deal, ask them to come along with you a time or two, until you get the swing of successfully utilizing the Consignment Store Fashion Tips!


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