My Aveda Frederic’s Institute Experience

I know getting one’s haircut can be a very personal experience. Many clients have a deep, trusting relationship with their stylist, which is totally understandable. Hair styles often reflect your personality, so having a seasoned professional cutting and coloring hair is crucial.

I, on the other hand, am willing to mix things up a little and live on the edge with my hair maintenance routine. I do not have a ‘regular’ guy or gal who cuts my hair. Generally, when I get an itch for a new style or just need to chop off my locks, I pop into a local salon for a quick trim….easy peasy! Now, keep in mind, I don’t have anything too challenging to consider when getting a haircut. I have straight hair and keep the cut simple…..adding layers and face framing…pretty standard stuff. AND, I don’t color my locks, so that makes upkeep a breeze!

Even though I typically get my hair refreshed via walk-in, I decided to mix things up a bit and make an appointment at a specific salon that I hadn’t been to in 15+ years….Aveda Frederic’s Institute here in Cincinnati, OH. Yes, that’s right….I booked a slot at a Hair School!!! It’s been ages since I have utilized their services and they have moved locations since I last visited, so I was extremely excited to test the waters again!

Upon arrival, I was greeting very warmly and offered water or hot tea while I waited for my student, Darrick, to direct me to the workstation. He was absolutely wonderful and incredibly friendly. We chatted about what I was looking to do (trim 1-1.5 inches and refresh the layers). Shortly after, I was introduced to the Aveda Instructor, and she reviewed the plan with Darrick and myself so we were all on the same page. Perfectly lovely!

Next on the list, I was whisked away for a mini facial and back massage. I skipped on the facial….was in full make-up and had no time for touch ups before the evening events on the calendar. The massage was completely relaxing and calming. Then, onto the shampoo station….what a beautiful experience under the ‘night sky’. This entire area was a quiet zone, so to maintain the relaxing atmosphere.

Darrick then guided me back to the workstation where the cut and style commenced. He took his time and was very careful with each cut….I was quite grateful for that indeed! Once the trimming process was complete, the Aveda Instructor returned to essentially check the work of the student. Just a few minor snips were made….then onto the drying and final styling.

My time from start to finish was right at 2 hours, which is certainly much longer than a typical appointment for a shampoo, cut and dry, but I must say I didn’t mind one bit! I felt pampered an doted over, something we all could use more often.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet….the pricing!! Your mind will be blown, not kidding!! For my entire service….mini facial (which is standard but I passed), massage, shampoo, cut, dry & style….the cost was $18!! And tips are not allowed because the stylists are students. Now, pick your jaw off the floor…LOL! The pricing is quite remarkable, but remember, all the treatments are done by students in training, so an appointment does take a bit longer than at a typical salon. So you just have to plan your schedule accordingly.

Here are the services offered through the Aveda Frederic’s Institute:

Haircut & Style
Shampoo & Style$11
Upstyle | Special Occasion$32
Bridal (trial included)$45
Hair & Scalp Therapy Treatment
Begin with a restorative scalp
detox or Invati
and end with a
moisture or repair treatment.
Partial Permanent Wave$34
Permanent Wave$44
Permanent Wave – Extra Long$54
Relaxer Retouch (1/2″ new growth or less)$34
Masque (with a hair service)$5
Thermal (with a hair service)$10
Pramasana Scalp Balancing Treatment (with a hair service)$5
Invati Treatment for Thinning Hair (with a hair service) $7
Glossing Treatment (with a hair service) $14
Color Cleansing (with a hair service)$40
Pre-Colorization (with a hair service) $20
Roller Set (with a hair service)$16
Hair & Scalp Therapy (with a hair service)$24
Short / Medium (above shoulder)$42
Long (below shoulder)$47
All Over Color & Simple Highlight$67
All Over Color & Partial Highlight$77
All Over Color & Full Highlight$86
Color Retouch (1/2″ new growth or less)$32
Light & Tone (blonding from scalp to ends)
Short / Medium (above shoulder)$49
Long (below shoulder)$59
Lighten & Tone Retouch (1/2″ new growth or less)$44
Men’s Natural Grey Blending$20
Simple Foil
Short / Medium (above shoulder)$28
Long (below shoulder)$32
Partial Foil
Short / Medium (above shoulder)$40
Long (below shoulder)$43
Full Foil
Short / Medium (above shoulder)$49
Long (below shoulder)$54
Glossing Treatment – Add additional shine to natural or color treated hair
Perfecting Plant Peel (with a facial)$16
Restorative Eye Treatment (with a facial).$7
Renewing Lip Treatment (with a facial).$5
Exfoliating Hand Treatment (with a facial).$5
Bridal Makeup Application (trial included)$28
Makeup Application$15
Eyelash Enhancement (artificial eyelash strip application)$10
Elemental Nature Back Treatment
 (60 minutes)
Aroma Body Treatment (60 minutes)$47
Relaxation Body Massage (60 minutes)
*Please note this service is provided by Esthetic students and is not a deep
tissue massage and is not intended to relieve pain. Not for pregnant women.
Light neck, shoulder, head, back massage (15 minutes)$15
Shellac Spa Manicure
(Includes removal of previous
Aveda Fredric’s Institute shellac application)
Spa Manicure 
This customized treatment is based on the
needs of your hands
and includes maintenance of the nails,
exfoliation, masque therapy,
massage and the soothing use of hot stones.
Spa Pedicure 
This customized treatment is based on the needs of your feet and
includes maintenance of the nails, exfoliation, masque therapy,
massage and the soothing use of hot stones.
Polish Change
This 15 minute service includes light nail shaping and application of polish.
Chin/Cheek/Neck (each)$11
Back/Chest (each)$35
Bikini Line$25
Half Arm
Full Arm$28
Half Leg
Full Leg

The list of all the available services is extensive! Just about any spa treatment you could dream of is offered. And there are 63 locations across the U.S., so be sure to check if there is one near where you live!

I am thrilled I gambled a bit by trying out Aveda Frederic’s Institute (again)! I was pleased as could be and will certainly be back again. Thanks Aveda!!

All the best,