Hot Rollers for Hair? Really?

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In a previous video, I discussed how you can have a fantastic haircut and hairstyle without breaking the bank, (Break the Bank on a Haircut?).  In the tutorial, I took a few moments to review how I styled my hair with very little time and effort.

In this episode,  I wanted take a moment to reveal really just how simple it is to obtain beautiful, wavy hair that lasts the whole day long! So check this out and you will learn my hacks!

Step 1:Be sure hair is nice and dry.

Step 2: Add product to protect those locks from the heat and also to hold the curl.

Step 3: Section off hair in five different places.

Step 4: Roll each section and let it sit for 15 minutes or so. While the hair is setting, you have the perfect opportunity to finish your makeup or finalize your outfit (clean out your junk drawer—-hahaha!).

.Step 5: Remove the hot rollers, separate the curls with your fingers,  fluff, spray and out the door! This literally could not be more simple.

I am sure there are some folks that are thinking, “Hot rollers are so old school!” , because there are so many newer, cooler things to use to get a fabulous hair style.  Don’t get me wrong, I love using new techniques to reveal different looks for my hair. But the hot roller family should not be overlooked, as you can get great curls and waves that last, without a huge time commitment!

Here is a link for the Hot Rollers that are nearly identical to what I use.  They are easy to pack for travel and heat up in 10 minutes for guaranteed beautiful locks!

I also wanted to provide you with a picture of my hair, that was not freshly styled, so you can see just how well the 5 Hot Rollers perform!

In this shot, my hair had been styled 5+ hours before, at 6:30am—yes 6:30am friends!!  img_0152

First item on my agenda that day was church, where I helped in leading the worship service. Rushed home to get the kids and myself changed for a family photo shoot.  Packed my daughter’s dance bag (dance class was immediately after photo shoot appointment—of course, right?). Performed multiple outfit changes for the photo session, while enjoying the windy weather conditions (wind=crazy hair!).  And this picture was snapped at the end of the hour long family picture time.  Not too bad, eh?

Well, I hope the content today helped provide you with some tools and confidence to make your hair look fabulous.  Remember, there is no need to spend hours and hours on your hair to have an amazing look!  What I have provided today is easy, quick and fun.  I encourage you to try something different today, and see what you think!

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  1. LOVE my hot rollers!! Glad others are still taking advantage of them! You’re so right, they are quick, easy, and do a great job. 🙂

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