Fun Styles With Your Ugg Boots

Happy Winter Everyone and welcome to StephStyle101!

Do you have those super comfy and fuzzy Ugg or Ugg-style boots but need some outfit combos to make sure you still look cute, not frumpy?  We can’t condone the “I just rolled out of bed” look, right?? Well, today I will be showing you some simple and Fun Styles With Your Ugg Boots, to ensure you look pulled together, while still maintaining comfort on those cold winter days.

To be honest, I have just VERY recently jumped on the “fuzzy-boot” wagon!  I have tried a variety of Ugg, and other brand boots, that are shearling lined with suede upper. But every time I placed my feet in the boot and looked in the mirror I could not stand the look!!  Every boot made my feet feel ENORMOUS!! I wear an 8.5 but I felt like I was wearing  a size 14 mens shoe!! Totally not kidding! So, as a result, I just waited and waited and seems my patience has paid off.

After Christmas, I did a bit of online shopping and found a brand that I thought may just meet the criteria I had outlined for the Ugg-style boot.  I checked several reviews and nearly all were raving about how much they LOVED the boot. Of course, I had to give it a go, right?  I took the plunge and ordered the Koolaburra by Ugg, Slim Tall boot in Chestnut.

With the New Years Holiday, it was about 7 days ship time, and upon arrival I slipped them on.  They were PERFECT!!  They fit like a dream and made my feet feel normal sized, not like ten times bigger!  And the price was a fantastic value!  The boots are listed at $100 and they are made by Ugg, which is not inexpensive, even on sale.  I chose to purchase from, where they offer free shipping and free returns, when purchased directly from Koolaburra. Plus, I found 10% off first purchase coupon code.  Totally scored!!

Well now that you know the story on my fuzzy boot acquisition, I need to show you some adorable outfit combos to wear with your boots!

Green Military Vest

Bright orange long sleeved T-shirt

Whimsical scarf

Skinny Jeans

Long White Sweater

Deep Burgundy Long Tee

Plaid Blanket Scarf

Black Leggings

Black Down Vest

Plaid Shirt

Skinny Jeans

Black Tunic Dress

Black Leggings



Long Tee

Gray Jeans


Skinny Jeans


These wardrobe suggestion are provided just to get your creative juices flowing!  Many adorable and functional combinations can be created to guarantee your style is still spot on, without too much effort.  I can’t wait to try some more fun new looks myself!

Stay Warm and Cozy!

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