Forever 21: $21 Fashion Challenge by my Tween

It’s still July, but Back to School shopping is in full swing in our house! ¬†Kids go back mid- August, but we have some late summer activities planned, so we had no choice but to stock up on supplies early, and YES, that includes clothes ūüėČ

My tween daughter is a typical girl, and loves to watch fun YouTubers make slime & wacky recipes.  But, my sweet tween also loves a great fashion challenge video!!  So, this year, she wanted to try to snag her Back to School outfit at Forever 21 by trying a $21 Fashion Challenge, inspired by a video she recently viewed.  The goal being to find a complete outfit for $21 or less!

The idea intrigued me and I thought let’s make a post on StephStyle101 for all those other mommas of tween girls. ¬†And possibly we can help your shopping experience better, when you brave the malls before the school bell rings this fall ūüôā

If you have never shopped at Forever 21, going for the first time can be VERY overwhelming. ¬†It’s a HUGE store, so much going on, crazy choices, and in many cases, multiple levels!! ¬†But, the good news…there is a dedicated section for Girls at most Forever 21 stores (you can do the Happy Dance now!). ¬†Sizes run 5/6 through 13/14, perfect for those in between (and what can be somewhat awkward) sizes of clothes. ¬†The prices are really quite affordable and everything I have purchased for my girl has held up really well (and truthfully I was surprised!). ¬†My daughter just loves the fun styles that Forever 21 offers, and knows we will not drain the family bank account to get a few trendy wardrobe additions.

This shopping trip did prove to be a bit challenging at first. ¬†Looking through all the clothing options, seeing what was “her” and then finding the correct size (so she could wear her new threads for more than 5 minutes. HA!).

La Sport Tee


Distressed Denim Skirt


Watermelon Tee



But, as luck (and fine shopping skills) would have it, we scored her $21 outfit for the first day Back to School!!  Here are the details:


My daughter fell in love with this shirt the moment she saw it, so it was a definite purchase.  This was the piece is she chose to style her look around.  Plus, coming in at a bargain basement price of $7.90, I was one pleased momma!

More Love T-shirt


She tried on a few skirt options, but settled on this super cute (and versatile), black, frayed hem skirt. ¬†It has some stretch in it, so it will allow for free movement, without major restriction. ¬†I was pleasantly surprised with the price tag too…$12.90.

Black Skirt


With nearly $1 left in the budget,  my sweet thing was determined to find an accessory to pair with her adorable new steals.  As we neared the checkout, there was a clearance bin, and what did she find??  A clear choker with pale pink trim for, yep, only $1!!  I could not find the exact version we purchased but the one linked below is a close swap for just $1.

Fun Choker Accessory


The Backpack and Converse Hi-Tops are not part of the challenge, but I have included links for those as well, if you are looking to complete the entire look.





Here’s her final look….one HAPPY girl!! xoxo



Hope this gives you and your blossoming young ladies a fun & educational starting point for Back to School shopping fashions!  If you want more of these looks, shop the entire Forever 21 Girls selection HERE.  Maybe you all can try a shopping fashion challenge yourself and comment on this post about your experience!!  


All the best,