Top 10 Jewelry Pieces a Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

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I want to show you what I consider to be the top 10 jewelry pieces a woman needs in her wardrobe!  The pieces can be used to dress up or dress down your outfit, but will help you to look fabulous!!  I love and wear these items all the time, because they are so totally versatile. The links included are either for the exact item I own or similar.


The first staple that one must have is a pair of good quality Hoop Earrings. You want a sturdy pair but don’t have to break the bank. Mine are sterling silver and probably 8 years old but still look fantastic! As long as you take care of your jewelry it will hold up well for you! Hoops are essential for your jewelry wardrobe, as they can completely pull together your look and are always easy and fresh!!


Stud Earrings can add some understated glam and are completely elegant. They are perfect to wear in a second hole in your ear or as a stand alone earring. And they can take you from day to night, because of their versatility! I love wearing my studs with a simple t-shirt, scarf and jeans. Easy, comfortable and on trend!


Disc Earrings are so crazy fun!! Love these!!  They give that extra punch to your outfit without being too fussy! I love how they pick up the light and act like little mirrors around your face!
If you choose a precious metal, such as sterling silver, they will hold up great for many years! Just use a silver polishing cloth on them, and poof, good as new! I love paring mine with fun dresses or flowing tops.

Moving on to necklaces! I cannot encourage you enough to be sure you have a Short and Simple Necklace and a Long Flowing Necklace! Both are must-have’s! The Short Necklace can be worn solo, allowing you to dress it casually and create a really simple look. A necklace like this can be your everyday staple. And a Long Necklace  is so stinkin’ fun!! This particular one is lovely, the length is ideal and the tassels just make it adorable! These two pieces can be layered all the time because they pair so well together! The long necklace looks fantastic with so many outfits and adds that extra something when you need it!

So every woman needs a fantastic Cuff Style Bracelet, just telling you the facts 😉  My big bling Cuff Bracelet was a gift to me from my folks for my birthday a few years back and it is so awesome!! (Thanks Momma and Daddio!!)  I love, love, love my cuff bracelet!!! Look for a style that has interesting texture, where it can catch the light.  And also, be sure your selection is light weight….you don’t want to feel like you are walking around in handcuffs! Ha!  The right bracelet can take you from day to evening, and goes with denim and dresses!

Having a ring or two in your jewelry arsenal is key to adding the right finishing touches.  A simple Band Ring will be just the right fit for everyday, not too fussy but cute. I really like this one for the fun details but still nice and simple.

Then there is the fun Bling Ring! There are countless times one needs that extra something. Fancy night out or holiday party. This ring is big, maybe too big for everyone’s taste but it is such a showstopper and I love the versatility of the color, canary Quartz. This ring with a pair of diamond stud earrings, and you have total elegance. Love it!!

A girl needs a great Watch. I feel it’s more than just something to keep time but truly a statement piece. I really like my watch to be able to adapt to any outfit situation. I have maintained this same watch for nearly 10 years and is still good as new. And the style is so popular, it’s still made, even after 10 years!! That tells me that it’s a classic and still very relevant!

And last but not least, my Fitbit Cover! I don’t own an I-Watch, because I truly love my timepiece so much, I don’t want to give that up. But I do love my Fitbit, just not always the band it fits inside. So, this girl had to improvise, to have my cake and eat it too!! So I went on a mission to find a cover that would hold up well, not tarnish and work for everyday wear. And I found this fun little diddy! It is made from stainless steel and blends right into my style. Totally a fabulous find and love how it completes the look!

Well, I hope you got some great ideas for your jewelry wardrobe.  Remember, all the suggested selections are timeless, classic jewelry staples that will not be “out” next season 🙂

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